Creating opportunities for Aboriginal youth to work within the renewable energy and electrical contracting sectors.


Tjintju Energy has been created from a collaboration between Traditional Owner Barron Bonney and Jim Thomson who both met whilst serving on the board of the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre.

An opportunity was identified to employ Aboriginal youth within the rapidly expanding field of renewable energy and electrical contracting.

A prevalence for fly-in fly-out installations of  regional power systems is emerging whilst local workforces and employment and training opportunities are bypassed.

The creation of Tjintju Energy is designed to halt this practice, ensuring that a highly skilled workforce is located regionally to provide not only installation but also ongoing maintenance repairs and upgrades.

Tjintju Energy is ably led by Barron Bonney, who has vast experience and contacts within the Aboriginal communities, as well as labour hire, employee sourcing and community development, with Jim providing decades of pioneering and lateral thinking renewable energy experience, electrical contracting and apprentice and trainee support, with a ready to go workforce of skilled trades and administration.



Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson, as principal of Outback Energy Supply (OES), has been providing a range of electrical solutions in a diverse range of resource and rural industries for over 30 years. Since 1999, Jim has been applying his electrical background to the renewable energy field. 


Barron Bonney

Barron Bonney

The founder of Indigo Mining Services, Barron now focuses on business development and mentoring. Community-minded and client- focused, he has a reputation for excellent interpersonal and communication skills.



Projects and Capabilities

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of:

  • Battery technologies including; Lithium derivatives, flooded lead acid, sealed leaded acid in AGM and lead carbon, Nickel Cadmium.
  • Batteries in commercial premises, mining premises, offshore oil rigs, farms and pastoral stations and private homes.
  • Solar systems ranging from a single panel system for off-grid lighting and communications, up to 120 kW commercial on-grid systems, such as at the Kalgoorlie Boulder airport.
  • Domestic solar systems
  • Commercial solar systems
  • Off-grid stand-alone power systems
  • 3-phase hybrid-grid connect solar/battery/diesel system in WA
  • Off-grid solar wind/diesel/battery systems on and off-grid throughout WA
  • Remote communications including SMA, Fronius, Enphase, Solar Edge, Solar Analytics
  • Bespoke solution provider
  • Electrical contracting

Solar Panel Installation

Solar System Maintenance

Tjintju Energy is designed to ensure that a highly skilled workforce is located regionally to provide not only installation but also ongoing maintenance repairs and upgrades.


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